Chow Down on Pink’s Famous Las Vegas Hot Dog

pink's hot dogs

It's not every day that you get to visit a truly legendary place to get lunch. You might have heard of Pink's Hot Dogs, the famous Hollywood location whose hot dogs have been named the best in the world. But did you know that there is a Pink's Hot Dogs in Las Vegas? That's right! You don't have to go to Hollywood to get the world's best hot dog; there is a … [Read more...]

Best Las Vegas Shrimp & Grits at Lola’s

lola's a louisiana kitchen

Nothing beats shrimp, especially when its perfectly prepared by experts who know what they're doing. It might feel like you need to travel down to New Orleans to get a true Louisiana-style meal of shrimp and grits, but that's far from the truth! At Boulders at Lone Mountain we are proud of our diverse community, and happy to talk about the many great … [Read more...]

Drinks & Manicures: Visit The Beauty Bar in Las Vegas

beauty bar las vegas

How many times have you applied a final layer of top coat to you DIY manicure, only to accidentally brush your hand against something, inevitably ruining your perfect nails? How infuriating. Can't you just get someone else to do your nails for you while being served martinis on a silver platter? Your days of longing are now over. Thanks to the Las Vegas … [Read more...]

Slidin’ Thru Las Vegas: Great Burgers on the Street

slidin' thru

Food trucks have fast-become a way of life. What seems like a simple premise, food on the go, has turned into an art form. All through Las Vegas, and other prominent cities in America, you are sure to find food trucks that are destined to impress. Here at Boulders at Lone Mountain we are happy to discuss the many excellent food trucks in our area. The … [Read more...]

Anything But Square: Using Bold Rectangle Patterns

rectangle pattern

Photo: Caitlin Wilson via Houzz Are you looking for a different way to spice up your decor? Think about how simple shapes can make a big difference in the way a room looks. One easy shape to use to accent your rooms in apartments in Las Vegas is the rectangle. The rectangle can be used in many unique ways to accent colors and walls in your apartment … [Read more...]

Love the Outdoors? Pack an Impromptu Picnic Basket

picnic basket two

Summer is the season of picnics. Fortunately, our northwest Vegas apartments are situated close to a number of idyllic locations for picnicking, including but not limited to both Majestic Park and W. Wayne Bunker Family Park. Better still, packing the perfect picnic basket is both easier and less complicated than most people believe. Here are the essentials … [Read more...]

Smart Spending: Revamping Your Apartment For Free

trash can

Just as the seasons change, it good to change your personal living environment. If you would like a new look for one of our Summerlin, Las Vegas apartments at Boulders, but don't want to blow your budget on a remodel, then check out our tips below for advice on how you can remodel your apartment completely free. De-clutter. Regardless of how frequently … [Read more...]

5 Unexpected Ways to Incorporate New Art at Boulders

wall art

Photo: New York Architects & Designers Incorporated via Houzz The Boulders at Lone Mountain has a variety of luxury apartments in Las Vegas that make perfect homes and offer all amenities our resident community desires. Choosing art to display in your apartment home is a personal choice for each individual and your decision on where or whether to … [Read more...]

Old Made New: 3 Ways to Update Old Cork Boards


Cork boards are great for displaying photograph, notes and to-do lists, but this does not mean you cannot dress it up a bit. It adds a bit of decor to your Boulders apartments in Summerlin while still providing the function you desire. We have put together several tips to help you spice up that old cork board. Patterns and Designs: There are several … [Read more...]

Green Living at Boulders: New Uses for Old Wine Accessories

wine accessories

Green living is on everyone's mind these days. Going green can be fun and can add style and function to our apartments in Las Vegas if you can find new uses for old things. If you are a wine lover, you may have a hidden treasure trove of items to reuse and recycle in your home. Here are a few fun ideas for using your old wine-related items: Turn … [Read more...]